Cat Shelter

Haven’s mother was a stray that was rescued along with her eight kittens. Her mother rejected Haven at three days of age and Julianne began to bottle raise her. Once Haven began to eat food on her own it quickly became apparent that something was wrong with her. After every meal, Haven would regurgitate her food almost immediately. After x-rays and input from specialists, Haven was diagnosed with megaesophagus, a condition that is rarely seen in cats.

Megaesophagus is hereditary and is usually passed on to at least one kitten in a litter, if not several. It is a defect that most kittens do not live through. Without Haven’s mother being rescued, we have no idea how many more kittens would have been born with this defect and died from starvation or aspiration.

Knowing that Haven would need special care and medical attention the rest of her life, Julianne adopted her into her feline family where she has quickly made a place for herself. Haven’s mother was spayed and found a loving home, as were the other kittens from her litter.

Stories like Haven’s are why we began this cat rescue and why it is so important to educate people on the importance of responsible pet ownership as well as having your pet spayed or neutered. We want to encourage people to take a positive role in making it a better and kinder future for these animals.